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Nigel Keay - Tango Suite for String Quintet.
Quintette à cordes  -  Quintetto d'archi  -  Streichquintett

Tango Suite for String Quintet (violins 1 & 2, viola, violincello & double bass). Duration: 10 minutes.

This is an Instrumental version of the original work, Tango Suite, written in 2002 for contralto, string quartet (violins 1 & 2, viola, violincello) and double bass.

Tango Suite was originally commissioned by Radio France in 2002 and written in the same year, It is a short song cycle which sets the poetry of Argentinian poets and was first recorded in Paris at Radio France by Madeleine Jalbert - contralto, Quatuor Diotima (Nicolas Miribel, Eiichi Chijiiwa, Franck Chevalier, Pierre Morlet), & Jean-Olivier Bacquet - double bass. The original version was broadcast in January and April 2003 on France Musiques, and in August 2003 on France Culture.

1. "TANGO"  
   2. "POEMAS DE AMOR"  
   3. "CAPRICHO"  
  4. "VIDA"