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Nigel Keay - Four Piano Pieces (1983)

Duration: 8 minutes

Listen to Gerard Parsons play Four Piano Pieces on the Radio New Zealand Concert website; http://www.radionz.co.nz/concert/programmes/resound/audio/2584385/keay-four-piano-pieces

Four Piano Pieces (PDF, 380Kb)

Piano Piece 1 is constructed using the "12 note fixed-register" technique. The notes are grouped relatively closely around the centre of the keyboard to create 3 different transpositions of the melodic motif which creates a modulating effect.

Piano Piece 2 is constructed using rhythmic groupings of 6 or 12 notes with some cross-rhythmic elements.

Piano Piece 3 is written around the idea of harmonic resonance.

Piano Piece 4 makes use of modes of limited transposition, in this case the reccuring tone/semitone/tone/semitone etc pattern derived from the last chord of Piano Piece 1. Piano Piece 4 was published in "University Commissions 1984" organised by the combined NZ University Music Depts. and printed by the University of Otago Music Department.