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contemporaryviola articles

Nigel Keay's Music for Small Groups Review by Paul Groh
Space Alive With Music; Garth Knox’s Viola Spaces by Paul Groh

contemporaryviola scores

Geoffrey Grey - Sonata for Viola & Piano

Paul Groh - Score of "Penguins" for Solo Viola
Paul Groh - Score of "Three Arachnids" for Solo Viola
(recorded on Extreme Viola)

Pieces from La Cuisine à l'alto

Pascal Martines - Opéra exotique for Viola and Piano
Score (PDF), Viola Part (PDF) (duration; ca. 4 minutes) Audio extract mp3 (0' 30")

Xavier Bouchaud - Saveurs d'épices for Viola and Piano
Score (PDF) (duration; 4' 14")

Nigel Keay - Moderato à cent d'huîtres
Score (PDF), Viola Part (PDF)

Jeffrey Harrington - Tango for Viola and Piano

Score, 12 pages pdf.     Viola Part, 4 pages pdf

Matthew de Lacey Davidson - Magyar Rondo for Solo Viola

Matthew de Lacey Davidson - QUARTETTO DELL'ARTE String Quartet in Five Movements
Full Score, Violin 1 Part, Violin 2 Part, Viola Part, Cello Part

Martin Lodge - Pacific Rock for Solo Viola
Viola Score, 5 pages pdf

Victor David Feldman - A Study in Contour for Solo Viola (Duration; ca. 2' 30")
Viola Score, 2 pages PDF

Peter Klatzow - Sonata for Solo Viola
Viola Score, PDF

Ross Carey - Works for Viola
Air and Gigue for Solo Viola, Viola Score, 5 pages PDF

Ross Carey - Sakura for Alto Flute and Three Violas
Full Score, 10 pages PDF     Alto Flute Part, 3 pages PDF

Violin Scores

Matthew Davidson - Bergamasques for Solo Violin


Arnold Trowell - Bed-time Fairy Tale from Suite for Orchestra.

Full Score & parts - arrangement for string orchestra by Nigel Keay