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Musicians performing Nigel Keay's music


Chiawen Kiew - Souffle coupé
Paolo Vignaroli - Terrestrial Mirror
Susan Carmichael - Terrestrial Mirror


Luís Alves - Diversions for Quintet
Thomas Hutchinson - Diversions for Quintet
Herbert Lashner - Diversions for Quintet
Franck Le Brail - Souffle coupé
Marika Lombardi - Diversions for Quintet, Oboe Sonata
Kamen Nikolov - Diversions for Quintet
Gemma Price - Diversions for Quintet
Hollis Ulaky - Diversions for Quintet


Jean-François Bescond - Trio "Adagietto antico", Allusions for solo clarinet
Nicolas Brémaud - Souffle coupé
Dru DeVan - Diversions for Quintet
Jean-Marc Fessard - Diversions for Quintet, Trio "Adagietto antico", Allusions for solo clarinet
Christoph Gaugl - Diversions for Quintet
Finn Schofield - Diversions for Quintet
David Silva - Diversions for Quintet
Françoise Talvard - Allusions for solo clarinet
Mark Walton - Allusions for solo clarinet


Ron Grun - Souffle coupé


Michel Crinon - Souffle coupé


Eric Tallet -Œuvre pour saxophone baryton et contrebasse


Alix Couillaud - Terrestrial Mirror
Delphine Latil - Terrestrial Mirror
Grace Bauson - Terrestrial Mirror


Hugh Stevenson - Variations for Violin & Piano
Gerard Parsons - Four Piano Pieces
Matthew Davidson - Variations for Violin & Piano
Terence Dennis - Variations for Piano, Diffractions
Tim Dodd - Piano Quartet (1986)
Angela Campbell - Piano Quartet (1986)
David Guerin - Interlude, Diffractions
Nicola Melville - Piece for Judith Clark (1988) (from Interlude)
Mary Ayre - At the Hawk's Well
Mark Secker - Interlude
Jeffrey Grice - the dancer leads the procession, Diffractions, Trio "Adagietto Antique", Little Tango Suite
Tom McGrath - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Tania Park (née Koo) - Kind of Tango
Erina Yamamoto - New Year in Paris
Monica Chang - Kind of Milonga
Anne Bertin-Hugault - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Debra Takakjian - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Sarah Watkins - Piano Quartet (1986)
Dora Cantella - Trio "Adagietto Antique"
Nathalie Dang - Oboe Sonata
Gemma Lee - Little Tango Suite
John-Paul Muir - Piano Quartet (1986), Little Tango Suite, Oboe Sonata (1st movt.)
Svetlana Gorokhovich - Introduction & Tarantella
Kathryn Mosley - Prelude for Cello & Piano
Jennifer Lee - the dancer leads the procession, Le Loup et l'agneau
Emmanuel Christien - moderato à cent d'huîtres
Yerim Lee - moderato à cent d'huîtres
Jérémie Honnoré - Le loup et l'agneau


Dominique Preschez


Alice Fagard (soprano) - Tango Suite
Madeleine Jalbert (contralto) - Tango Suite
François Castang (récitant) - Le Loup et l'agneau
Valérie Loriot (récitante) - Le Loup et l'agneau


Miranda Adams - String Quartet N° 2, Piano Quartet
Guillaume Antonini - String Quartet N° 2, Piano Quartet
Janet Armstrong - String Quartet N° 2
Magali Baron - String Quartet N° 2
Mark Bennett - String Quartet N° 2
Eiichi Chijiiwa - Tango Suite
Eugenia Choi - Introduction & Tarantella (commission)
Mariana Costa - Diversions for Quintet
Bruce Corlett - Variations for Violin and Piano, String Quartet N° 1
Glenda Craven - String Quartet N° 1
Anastasiya Filippochkina - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Alan Foster - String Quartet N° 1
Yukiko Imazato-Härtel - Diversions for Quintet
Tatiana Karpova - Diversions for Quintet
Charmian Keay - String Quartet N° 2, Diversions for Quintet, Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Aude de Larouzière - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Eugene Lee - String Quartet N° 2
Guan-xi Masse - Visconti Variations
Simon McLellan - String Quartet N° 2
Mark Menzies - Variations for Violin and Piano
Nicolas Miribel - Tango Suite
Jessica Oddie - Visconti Variations
Elizabeth Patchett - String Quartet N° 2
Tessa Petersen - String Quartet N° 1
Daniel Rémy - String Quartet N° 2
Sébastien Richaud - String Quartet N° 2
Simone Roggen - Visconti Variations
Coralie Usmani - Tango Suite


Peter Barber - String Quartet N° 2
Sara Barros - Diversions for Quintet
Oliver Biber - Diversions for Quintet
Christine Bowie - String Quartet N° 2
Cyprien Busolini - Visconti Variations
Franck Chevalier - Viola Concerto, Tango Suite
Alphonse Dervieux - Piano Quartet, Double Jeu, String Quartet N° 2
Sylvain Durantel - moderato à cent d'huîtres
Rachel Grimwood - Diversions for Quintet
Paul Groh - moderato à cent d'huîtres
Joe Ichinose - String Quartet N° 2
Cédric Lebonnois - moderato à cent d'huîtres
Lyndsay Mountfort - String Quartet N° 1
Erin Reilly - Terrestrial Mirror


Gabriel Casalis - String Quartet N° 2, Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Robert Davis - Piano Quartet
Julien Decoin - String Quartet N° 2
Benedicte de Larouzière - Variations on a theme from At the Hawk's Well
Robert Ibell - String Quartet N° 2
Dimitri Kindynis - String Quartet N° 2
Amélie Mabire - String Quartet N° 2
Annemarie Meijers - String Quartet N° 1
Pierre Morlet - Tango Suite
Eunice Park - Tango Suite
Claudia Price - String Quartet N° 2
Joseph Spooner - Prelude for Cello and Piano
Judith Williams - String Quartet N° 2, Piano Quartet

Double Bass

Samuel Abreu - Diversions for Quintet
Jean-Olivier Bacquet - Tango Suite
Jeff Ferdon - Diversions for Quintet
William McClain Cravy - Piece for baritone saxophone and double bass
Guillaume Pagnon - Diversions for Quintet
Frederik Sakham Lomborg - Tango Suite
Eric Scholes - Diversions for Quintet
Raphaël Scwhab - Diversions for Quintet
Rudolf Thausing - Diversions for Quintet